Easynic Case Study

Smart Domain Group

Key Information:

  • All Industries
  • Internet
  • Publishing & Media
  • Design & Build
  • Digital Marketing
  • e-Commerce
  • Email Marketing
  • Hosting
  • Pay Per Click
  • SEO

Smart Domain Group are an SME business marketing specialist, helping smaller enterprises with website and graphic design and a range of online and offline marketing services. This is primarily to clients in the Kent area, though due to the global nature of the internet, they also work with clients across the UK and beyond.


Smart Domain Group provide services for customers who generally would not have the knowledge or experience to register their own websites and domain addresses, so provide this for clients as part of the package. To achieve this they needed to find a domain and hosting specialist supplier who could provide the registration, hosting and technical support to make it a seamless part of their business. The Easynic platform from Easyspace enabled Smart Domain Design to achieve these goals.

The Service

Smart Domain Group now gets access to low cost volume based discounts on domain names. It also enables them to set up and manage domains and hosting requirements on behalf of their clients, with an easily accessible control panel and tool set to make the tasks easy. This is all backed up with comprehensive manuals on every aspect and full support for their business.


Smart Domain Group's MD Tony Spinks sums it up: "As a provider of design, marketing and hosting solutions for UK businesses it was important that we had a reliable, cost effective means of obtaining and managing domain names for our clients. The Easynic reseller service provided exactly what we needed - competitive pricing with excellent support services and tool set".

Website: www.sdgwebdesign.com