Easynic Case study


Key Industries:

  • Internet Hosting
  • Domain Name Registration
  • Servers

34SP.com was started over a decade ago in the year 2000. The company was started with a clear goal in mind. 34SP.com's core products are designed to offer technically sophisticated hosting solutions at an affordable price. Crucially though, they aim to deliver world class support to every single 34SP.com client. They support a diverse range of clients from small personal websites through to very large websites requiring multiple dedicated server systems to power them. The common denominator among these clients is their demand for excellence in support.

Several key members of the founding 34SP.com team were all hosting clients with other companies before 34SP.com was developed. Indeed past personal experiences of other hosting companies were motivating factors in 34SP.com's inception. They know first-hand how crucial excellent customer support relates to a successful online presence. Their ongoing goal is to make the name 34SP.com synonymous with exceptional customer support.
With that in mind it is paramount they only partner with companies they feel they can rely on to deliver first rate assistance, as and when they require it. If they cannot trust in their suppliers, ultimately they cannot deliver to their own clients.

It was for this reason that they chose Easynic to support a large portion of their domain portfolio. They have been customers for the vast majority of the past decade, which speaks volumes about Easynic’s quality.

Stuart Melling, 34SP.com’s Business Director explains, “As we have grown, Easynic have supported us along the way. As we have developed, so too have our requirements and expectations. Easynic have consistently stepped up to the plate and delivered time and time again.

One of the most important factors for us is ease of communication. The nature of domain names and the DNS system (from the dreaded redemption period through to DNS propagation) means time is always a pressing factor. Easynic have worked with us to ensure managing our domain portfolio with them is as pain free and expedient as possible.

We have speedy access to the right people whenever we need them. That means a lot to us. Our clients put their domain name and their companies trust in 34SP.com's hands. For us to deliver as expected, we need Easynic to support our own support requests to them in as timely and accurate a manner as possible.
34SP.com now manage over 30,000 hosted domains. As we move into our second decade of business and grow our domain portfolio, we continue to look to reliable companies like Easynic to underpin our success.”