1000's more new domain extensions are on the way

Following ICANN’s (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) 2012 decision, hundreds of new generic TLD’s, being launched later 2013, will alter the landscape of the Internet. The release of new gTLD’s will change the way businesses and consumers use the Internet and will offer branding opportunities.

The new internet era is coming with multiples new domains and soon you will be able to register new domain extensions representing regions, communities, brands and general interests.

What new domains are available?

  • Communities

    This category includes domain extensions such .eco, .music. hotel, .game suitable for groups and organizations sharing common interests, goals, religion, profession and challenges.

  • Geographic

    Geographic category is specific to cities, regions and continents like .london, .scot, .wales, .nyc, .barcelona, .berlin and more!

  • Generic

    Generic terms TLD category covers general terms used outside of the other three categories such as .web, .shop, .fashion, .bank etc. Innovators and entrepreneurs could engage in new business opportunities or building their online presence.

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What are new gTLDs?

New gTLDs, generic top-level domain names, are domain extensions that go beyond .com, .net, .org and the other domain strings we’ve been used to so far. The “dot-anything” domain extensions such as .brand, .city will change the Internet forever.

From personal sites to business websites, the new gTLDs will allow you to create more relevant online presence that will express your website, brand or business. By registering domain names with new TLD will increase your customer trust and set you apart from your competitors.

Launch Phases

Sunrise Phase

The Sunrise period is a first stage of a new gTLD launch in which trademark holders will be invited to register domain names with new domain extensions that matches their registered trademark.

Landrush Phase

Landrush is the phase of a TLD launch during which domain names are available for registration for non-trademark holders that wish to register generic terms like loan or car but are not eligible to take part in the Sunrise period. Landrush comes after Sunrise but before General Availability.

General Availability

General Availability also called Open Registration Period is available to everyone to register domain names on a first-come, first-serve basis. This is the period when domains do not have any additional restrictions.

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